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This is not your father's office
This is your Office

The Vision

Five decades ago the titans of aerospace engineering defined the El Segundo office market. Their innovations changed the course of mankind. They made history.

A new era in space engineering is here. Workplace designs have evolved with spaces that support dynamic work styles. Space to think. Space to breathe. Space to create.

Technology and innovative thought continually pull each other to new heights. They drive a new urban work environment. Your father’s office was then. This is now.

Bring your dog to work


  • Contemporary office space available for immediate occupancy
  • Concrete floors
  • Metro Green Line stop one block away
  • 113,606 SF, five-story building
  • 2.5/1,000 parking
  • Lower business license tax
  • Coastal lifestyle in an urban setting


  • Collaborative designs throughout
  • Modern lobby with lounge and coffee bar
  • Abundant outdoor space
  • Fire table, eco-friendly landscaping
  • Dog friendly with onsite dog park
  • Beach cruisers for tenant use
  • Specialty's Cafe & Bakery

Lower business license tax

$10 million in receipts
or first 100 employees:

  • Los Angeles

  • Santa Monica

  • Culver City

  • El Segundo



Bill BloodGood

310 363 4880 | lic. #01152045

Casey Benson

310 363 4883 | lic. #01933082


310 963 3635 | lic. #01004755


310 442 3375 | lic. #01195833
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